Kiran and Frouke are cycling 20,000 kilometers from Vietnam to Amsterdam, via London, to raise €7000 for Burmese refugees in need. These Refugees are stuck in refugee camps with nowhere to go. They don’t have enough money for food, medicines and education. Please help us to help them via the No Yellow Beans Day organisation.

100% of the money we raise goes directly to the people that need it.

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What we have raised so far

We have made it! We are home now. We have cycled 18220 kilometres in total!

1.Vietnam – 2.Laos – 3.Cambodia – 4.Thailand – 5.Myanmar (Burma) – 6.India (2x) – 7.Nepal – 8.Kazakhstan (2x) – 9.Kyrgyzstan – 10.Azerbaijan – 11.Georgia – 12. Turkey – 13. Greece – 14.Italy – 15.France – 16. United Kingdom – 17. Netherlands