Cycle For Good is founded by Kiran and Frouke.  They cycled for 2 years from Vietnam to Amsterdam, 18,220 kilometers through 17 countries, to raise money for 26 Burmese refugee children who fled the civil war in Myanmar. The refugee children live without their parents in a dormitory in Mae la Oon refugee camp in Thailand, under really bad circumstances. Cycle For Good funds the education, food, shelter and other basic needs of these 26 kids. 

All donations so far helped to pay for the last 2 school years (€7000!) Even though Kiran and Frouke are home now, they are continuing to support the 26 children by raising €4000 for the next school year 2021-2022. So the new target is €7000+€4000= 11000 euro!

Please help us to help them, check our gift shop or make a donation!

100% of the money we raise goes directly to the people that need it.

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What we have raised so far

We have made it! We are home now. We have cycled 18220 kilometres in total!

1.Vietnam – 2.Laos – 3.Cambodia – 4.Thailand – 5.Myanmar (Burma) – 6.India (2x) – 7.Nepal – 8.Kazakhstan (2x) – 9.Kyrgyzstan – 10.Azerbaijan – 11.Georgia – 12. Turkey – 13. Greece – 14.Italy – 15.France – 16. United Kingdom – 17. Netherlands