We would really appreciate your donation to our cause! You can donate directly into one of our bank accounts or you can use the button below to donate using PayPal.

Donate to this British bank account
Name: Kiran Chauhan
Account number: 11328649
Sort code: 010657
Payment reference: CYCLEFORGOOD

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Name/Ten name van : Frouke Russchen
Account number/rekeningnr: NL29 TRIO 0776492179
Reference/Onder vermelding van: CYCLEFORGOOD

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Click the button below and you can make a payment using your credit card, bank card or a PayPal account. ‘Cycle for Good’ pays Paypal a small fee for each transaction so we prefer you donate directly to our bank accounts if possible. A donation via Paypal is of course much more preferable than no donation at all 🙂

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Thank you so much. Your support is most welcome!