We would really appreciate your donation to our cause! You can donate directly into one of our bank accounts, use a Tikkie (in the Netherlands, see link below) or you can use the button below to donate using PayPal.

Donate to this British bank account
Name: Kiran Chauhan
Account number: 11328649
Sort code: 010657
Payment reference: CYCLEFORGOOD

Donate to this Dutch bank account
Name/Ten name van : Frouke Russchen
Account number/rekeningnr: NL29 TRIO 0776492179
Reference/Onder vermelding van: CYCLEFORGOOD

Donate via a Tikkie ( Dutch system) using this link: https://tikkie.me/pay/f3pliti9q0129a54np4h

Make a donation using a bank card or PayPal account
Click the button below and you can make a payment using your credit card, bank card or a PayPal account. ‘Cycle for Good’ pays Paypal a small fee for each transaction so we prefer you donate directly to our bank accounts if possible. A donation via Paypal is of course much more preferable than no donation at all 🙂

Donate with PayPal

Thank you so much. Your support is most welcome!